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It’s time to upgrade your facilities and engage your fans. Let us help with full-motion, LED video scoreboards… the best and brightest, at no cost to schools. Now that’s home field advantage delivered.

We don’t stop there. We handle sponsorship management. And we do it well. Our sponsor management program allows you to focus on what you do best.

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We can help connect business and brands directly to an audience at the heart of the community.  

With us, it’s about more than just advertising impressions, it’s about developing deeper connections by supporting the athletes, schools, and families that support your business.

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How it works

Step 1


Consult with a Scoreboard Media executive to determine your school's facility needs: indoor scoreboards, outdoor scoreboards, or both, as well as additional signage or scoreboard opportunities.

Based on your needs, we will assess sponsorship opportunities on scoring equipment and evaluate the local business and community landscape to determine the level of sponsorship support.

Step 2


Scoreboard Media forms an agreement that provides your school the equipment you need and enables us to raise sponsorship revenue!

At no cost to your school, Scoreboard Media provides you brand new, state-of-the-art scoring equipment, installed with training included!

Step 3


Scoreboard Media offers dynamic advertising opportunities that allow local businesses to reach the heart of the community with their messaging in your venue.

Our team of advertising experts maximize sponsorship opportunities on an ongoing basis, and the school shares in annual revenue!

Success Stories

What our Schools say

"We have loved our partnership with Scoreboard Media!  In addition to enhancing the game and fan experience, it has allowed us to build another aspect into our competitions: Our partnership with Scoreboard Media has allowed more students to be involved.  Many of our students have interests other than sports or music, but are still eager to be part of our competitions and the production around that experience.  It has become a great learning experience for them.  And it has helped generate revenue that we previously did not have.  That money has gone right back into our programs to keep them continuously improving."

Kyle Becker
School Board President, USD 435, Abilene, Kansas

"I have worked with Scoreboard Media for about 8 months now and they have been great. Charlie is always helpful and is easy to work with. We are hoping that are partnership with Scoreboard Media will not only upgrade our Gametime experiences for our student athletes and the community, but will also generate revenue for our athletic programs to help make APS one of the best in the State."

Casey Powell
District Athletic & Activities Director, Aurora Public Schools

"This is a game-changer for our athletic department. It enables us to upgrade our scoreboards around campus, while also moving us into the new world of digital. From giving us the ability to showcase our athletes through video, to being able to add extra revenue by spotlighting local businesses with ads and commercials, to the incredible student-led opportunities to run the equipment and live-game production, this will make the entire Notre Dame experience better for our athletes, fans, and students."

Jeff Graviett
Notre Dame Athletic Director

Frequently Asked

How does this work?

Scoreboard Media and the officials from the school or district, often the Athletic Director and/or the Superintendent, work together to select equipment based on the school’s scoreboard wants and needs.  Then Scoreboard Media puts together a professional sponsorship marketing package and launches the sponsorship effort.  Once we reach our sponsorship threshold, we (Scoreboard Media) purchase the equipment.  

Is it really free?

Yes.  Scoreboard Media purchases all the capital equipment, typically videoboards and scoreboards, computer/software racks, etc.  The school is typically responsible for running power and data to the site(s) as well as the operating software license.

Do we (the school) have any control over who advertises on our scoreboards or their advertising copy?

YES, we work almost exclusively with high schools and even many private/Catholic schools, so we understand the need to ensure that the messages and advertising are appropriate for the audience and for the venue.  All the usual suspects like politics, alcohol, tobacco, vaping, gambling, etc. are standard exclusions in our contracts, but we can add any other industries/categories and even specific names, as necessary.  As an extra layer of security, the school has “veto” rights, which we’ve never had anyone use, but it’s nice to have.  One of the additional benefits of digital advertising is that the copy can be removed immediately, with the click of a button. 

What kind of scoreboards?  Indoor or outdoor?

All of the above.  We’ve bought football (including track, general outdoor), baseball, softball, soccer and indoor (basketball, volleyball, wrestling, etc.).  We don’t dictate what kind of board, that’s based on the school’s needs.  The scoring and game production software can be customized for almost any sport you can think of.

What are we (the school) responsible for?

In terms of cost, it’s generally just power and data to the site(s) and software.  Scoreboard Media will do all the heavy lifting in terms of sponsorship sales, but to the degree that our school contacts can refer and connect us with prospective sponsors, the process becomes much easier and faster.

Who operates the boards during games?

Just like with your current scoreboards, the school is responsible for operating the new videoboards.  The sponsorship program is largely run by the software, so operating the videoboards is often easier than operating the old equipment.  It’s a very intuitive, iPad-based interface that’s very attractive and easy to use.  In addition to keeping score, it will automatically track stats.  Once the team (faculty, athletic staff, students, etc.) are comfortable, we can begin introducing fun features like instant replay and live streaming (to the included mobile fan app).  We provide a complete training and educational program that has benefits far beyond athletics. 

What happens at the end of the contract?

The school will have several options at the end of the contract.  They may choose to end the program entirely, to continue on with the existing program, replace the equipment and agreement with all new equipment, or buy the equipment for a deeply discounted residual value.

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