September 4, 2022

The Ultimate Guide To Digital Scoreboard Advertising

The Ultimate Guide To Digital Scoreboard Advertising

What encourages consumers to buy? A brand presence that moves them and ties back into what they care about most - their communities. 

Local video advertising is the new way for businesses with deep community roots, or fresh startups looking to gain ground, to score new customers. With digital billboard advertising at school sports games, creative outdoor ad ideas are positioned in front of the exact people who are most likely to convert to customers. Here’s how your business can use digital scoreboard and LED advertising successfully.

Scoreboards: Untapped Potential Your Customers Can’t Ignore 

Scoreboards, and local school scoreboards, in particular, are a rare opportunity for advertising that viewers don’t want to ignore. For hours at every game, parents, teachers, and other members of a community look from the field or court to the lighted displays above to remain in the action.

Over the years, advertising mediums have advanced rapidly, from radio plugs to sponsorships on streaming platforms. However, until recently, the potential for school scoreboard advertising was left mostly untapped. Innovations in digital and LED scoreboards are rapidly changing the game.

Building Brand Awareness

Because school scoreboard ads repeat on loop, spectators will see a single advertisement multiple times at one game and have the potential to see that same ad hundreds of times per season. This repeated exposure creates a lasting impact in the customer’s mind. 

Businesses, small and large, require brand awareness before they can inspire brand loyalty. Building this awareness is easiest to do when you have a customer’s full-attention. With traditional billboard advertising, located on roadways and highways, the business which is advertising is dependent on their exact target customer driving by the placement enough times for it to leave a lasting impact. 

Similar to billboards, traditional forms of advertising, like TV ads, online digital, and streaming ads can be easily ignored, closed, or navigated away from. Scoreboards, in comparison, demand attention and remain rooted in a viewer’s line of sight.

With the innovation of digital scoreboards at school sports games, new customers will experience multiple LED ad plays from a single business throughout a game, positioning your brand on the forefront of their awareness. 

Building Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty often lies at the heart of consumer purchases. Often, we choose between brands not solely due to pricing, but because of how a particular brand resonates with us and how we feel the company may share our own values.

For local businesses, having your brand held in high regard begins with being recognized as a contributor to the local community. In local sports, there is deep, built-in loyalty from a demographic audience which we know to be community-focused, local, and involved. Your business can tap these strong, emotional ties through scoreboard sponsorship.  

Anyone can purchase an advertisement on a roadside billboard, but connecting an advertisement to a local event which sponsors local young athletes builds brand loyalty. Make your business known as being known as the one that gives back, just by advertising on your local school’s scoreboard.

In fact, it’s been reported that 71% of young consumers are likely to change brands if they know one is more charitable than another. The numbers are clear: people connect with what they care about and will make decisions based on this. Speaking locally, community members care about sports and those businesses who support the students playing them.

A Strong Rebound

It’s no secret the last few years put a damper on school, team, and local sports, but with this year coming to a close and a new one ahead, people are more excited than ever to get back to interacting with their friends, family, and local communities. 

Your creative outdoor advertisements at football games or indoor advertisements at volleyball or basketball games have the opportunity to be one of the first things new customers see as they get back out into the excitement of school sports.

Funding Extracurriculars

For the local school, the ROI on a digital scoreboard, particularly one from Scoreboard Media, is a true no-brainer. In fact, for schools, the LED scoreboard is supplied for free.

Revenue from the scoreboard sponsorships is shared with the school and helps fund additional extracurricular and athletic programs, and this comes from community partners and local business sponsors like you.

The Numbers that Matter For Digital Scoreboards

Digital and LED video scoreboards can be the most effective and potentially cost-effective form of digital advertising your business puts in place. This, however, depends on the numbers, those being costs and return on investment (ROI). 

ROI and Impressions

If you’re looking for in-depth ROI and impression numbers from digital scoreboard advertising, we have it for you. In fact, the figures below were calculated conservatively using the average attendance per game at a sample high school, games played per year, and the number of times a single ad was displayed per game with a 6-second display time:

  • 430 tickets sold per game
  • 14 games played per season
  • 99 displays of a single ad per game

When totaled, these numbers indicate a single LED Advertisement garners 595,727 impressions during the course of a school year. For reference, impressions are the total number of opportunities for an individual ad to be seen by spectators during a school year.

Package Totals and Pricing

With four package opportunities available, the right fit for your brand’s digital scoreboard advertisement is closer than ever. 

View our packages here.

Putting Your Investment to Work

One thing to note when advertising indoors or outdoors with school sports scoreboards is that you are not alone. Scoreboard Media’s team of advertising experts maximize your opportunity to shine by working through every step together. 

In fact, upon sponsorship, Scoreboard media provides ideas and insights for how to best position your business successfully on your local scoreboard advertisement. Check out some of the successful sponsorship ideas below, which can bring your business’ ad to life. You have the potential to sponsor attention-grabbing in-game moments that draw the entire stadium’s gaze.

  • Quiz: Do you have an interesting or helpful fact about your industry to share? Get the crowd's attention with an in-game quiz!
  • Military Highlight: Show your support for our military as the crowd stops for a moment of silence during the game.
  • Student-Athlete of the Month: Your community will rally around your name as it appears along one of your local star players.
  • Cheer for a Snowday: Hear the student body take the noise to the next level as they hope for a snow day and your logo lights up the night.
  • Teacher of the Month: Be the reason these hard-working men and women get the applause they deserve.
  • Senior Tribute: It's their moment to shine, and yours too!
  • Instant Replay: Make an impact while everyone's eyes are on screen.

The Games Are In-session; Are Your Ads?

The numbers are clear: school scoreboard sponsorship works and hits deep in the heart of your community. Make your advertising dollars work locally and work for you.

Sponsorships are first come, first serve, so reach out today. Contact Charlie Megan at to learn more or visit

Make Marketing Work for Your Business With Local Scoreboard Advertising

Local scoreboard advertising is the next big thing in local advertising that makes a real impact and helps you give back. Your business can benefit from utilizing the flashing lights and home-game fervor in your favor. Scoreboards are a powerful tool for amplifying your business’ message in a place where it’ll hit closest to home- a community event.

By incorporating some of the best practices and ideas mentioned above, you can build your brand awareness, loyalty, and drive new business.