February 8, 2023

How Auto Businesses are Reaching their Ideal Clients: Success with Scoreboard Advertising

How Auto Businesses are Reaching their Ideal Clients: Success with Scoreboard Advertising

How can your car dealership stand out in a sea of competition in your local area? Is there a way for you to reach your target audience while having your ad dollars benefit a good cause? If you’re all out of winning ideas for your auto dealership or auto repair shop, the answer is scoreboard advertising. 

Scoreboard Advertising offers a unique opportunity to engage consumers in a memorable way and create a lasting impression. It can be used to create brand awareness and trust, reach a broad audience, and create a buzz around your business. Additionally, it can be used to promote upcoming sales events, special offers, or specific services or inventory. 

By incorporating scoreboard advertising into your marketing strategy, you can reach more potential customers and increase your existing customer base. Scoreboard advertising also allows you to target a specific audience, customize your message, and measure the success of your campaigns. It is an exciting and cost-effective way to reach your target audience in your community and take your auto business to the next level.

Benefits of Scoreboard Advertising for Auto Repair Shops and Dealerships

Higher ROI Than Other Advertising Channels

In the past, auto dealerships, repair shops and other auto businesses have used channels such as television, radio and print ads. Studies have found that out-of-home advertising, which includes scoreboard advertising, has a higher return on investment (ROI) than these other media channels. This makes sense because viewers aren’t tuning into traditional media like they used to and when they are, advertisements are seen as an annoying interruption to the viewer’s experience. With scoreboard advertising, sponsors can actually become a part of the experience (think sponsored replays and touchdown animations!). Local video advertising on television and radio ads are simply no match for the reach, return of investment, and excitement of scoreboard advertising.

As a Scoreboard Sponsor, potential customers see your ad while they’re having an enjoyable experience and they know that your business supports their school and community. These factors increase the chance of viewers remembering your brand and converting to customers. 

A Community Approach

When you partner with Scoreboard Media as a sponsor, a portion of your advertising costs directly benefit the school where your ads will be shown. Various schools use these funds in different ways, but most put these funds back into school programming such as sports facilities, much-needed equipment, educational experiences or student clubs and activities.

Sponsoring local schools through scoreboard advertising helps auto dealerships build relationships with parents, faculty, students and other members of the community, creating a positive and memorable association with your brand. As consumers recognize your commitment to improving their school and community, you will be top-of-mind when they need a vehicle repair or need to purchase a new car.

Reaching Your Target Demographic

Scoreboard advertising is sure to generate impressions with your target demographic - those living locally who are on the road or about to be. High schoolers and their parents are buying new and used cars. As juniors and seniors get ready to join the workforce and go off to college, they need a reliable means of transportation. Furthermore, the families of those students and the faculty and staff at the school will also be more likely to purchase from an auto dealership that sponsors their school, that they see represented at school events, game after game and season after season.

Gain the Trust You Need to Sell

Safety is the top concern for many drivers, especially parents of new drivers seeking to purchase or service a vehicle. Ultimately, they will not patronize your business unless they feel safe, and they can’t feel safe unless they trust you. They need to know that they can take your repair or car recommendation seriously.

When parents and other household decision-makers are exposed to your ad repeatedly over the sports season, they will become familiar with your name. Moreover, they will understand that you support their child’s education and extracurricular activities, increasing the like and trust factors.

Auto Dealership and Auto Repair Marketing Ideas

Make Your Ad an Interactive Experience

The options for your scoreboard advertising are endless - you even have the potential to sponsor attention-grabbing in-game moments that draw the entire stadium’s gaze, such as touchdowns or instant replays. These are times during the game when the entire crowd turns to the scoreboard to see your brand message. 

Local video advertising is available on scoreboards, taking a great ad to the next level with impactful animation. 

Target Key Demographics with a Layered Approach

If you’re already using other marketing channels to target your local community, allocating some of your marketing budget to Scoreboard Sponsorship can bolster your success. For example, if a parent at the school searches online for dealerships in the area, they’re more likely to click on your search ad after seeing your name repeatedly at games. 

Know Your Options 

All packages include exposure for your brand throughout the school year at varsity, and junior varsity games for a variety of sports events. There are a variety of Scoreboard Sponsorship packages and ad types available so that you can find what works best for your message, your business and your budget. From full-screen larger-than-life cinema ads down to mobile fan app ads, the options are endless and customizable. 

Do you not have the time or resources to put an ad together? Our team at Scoreboard Media can handle it for you. We’ll even provide you with a free mockup of what your brand would look like in lights on game night. 

Case Study: Daku Auto Body Shop

Located in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, Daku Auto Body Shop opted for a Scoreboard Sponsorship package to make a splash in their local community. This business opted to have Scoreboard Media create their ad for them. They had a positive experience and loved the final product displayed on the scoreboard for everyone in the community to see. 

Hear it from the business owner himself:

“I wasn’t at the game, but I got someone to send me a picture of our ad on the scoreboard. I love it!! I think it looks great!! Scoreboard Media was great to work with and made it easy for me to run this digital ad. I sent our logo and they set it all up. I look forward to working with them in the future.”
- Richard D. Daku, Owner, Daku Auto Body

Are you ready to learn more about how your business can benefit from scoreboard advertising? Contact our team of advertising experts for details.