December 6, 2022

Scoreboard Ad Ideas for Your Next Marketing Campaign: How to Make an Impact

Scoreboard Ad Ideas for Your Next Marketing Campaign: How to Make an Impact

If you feel like you’ve tried everything with your ad creative and don’t know where to go next, we’re here to help. 

As the advertising gurus, we’re here to give you all the options and make sure you’re ready to score a goal as soon as your local video advertising campaign kicks off.

Don’t Fumble the Formats

When you think of a digital scoreboard sponsorship placement, what comes to mind might be a static image containing your logo and tagline flashing across a screen. But that’s just one ad format that can be used to get your message across and brand in front of customers. Available ad formats range from massive full-screen cinema ads, to animated video spots, to still images and logos, to mobile app ads, to banners. 

Make Some Noise with In-Game Animations

The options for displaying and conveying your message can vary depending on your needs, wants, and ideal customer. One format, which has worked successfully for many scoreboard sponsors, is pictured above. Called an in-game animation, these digital snippets and transitions play before or after key plays and moments during a game, which ensures maximum visibility. If your business were to sponsor an in-game animation, your business name or logo would appear on-screen during the moments everyone looks to the screen - think touchdowns, goals, and overtime.

Show That You’re Giving Back

An additional, interesting option is amplifying the good your digital scoreboard advertising sponsorship is doing. This can often be as simple as a bottom-of-the-screen panorama ad reading, “Scoring and scoreboard sponsored by [your business name or logo].” After all, with every scoreboard ad that plays, you give back directly to the players, school, and community - now, that’s something to cheer about!

Go Big & Bold or Go Home

The third format we want to highlight is the cinema ad. These large-format ads take precedence on the screen and the score portion of a scoreboard is minimized to a ticker format, allowing for maximum space for eyes on your ad. 

With this format, your business can highlight local, hometown heroes, spotlight a new product, or even run an in-game quiz, which always gets fun interaction and reactions from fans. The bottom line is, if you want to make an impact, cinema ads are the way to go!

Creative Kickers

We’ve covered a few of the formatting options for your on-screen, LED advertisement, and we’ve even rounded out a few format options, but that’s really the tip of the field-goal. Here are some additional ideas which come straight from our favorites list.

For school scoreboard advertising, many customers are driven to purchase because of their passion and resonance with your business being local.

Creative digital advertisements can capitalize on this by further driving a product or service home, like what’s often achieved with a catchy tagline alongside the business logo. As many families and parents are likely to see your ad, doctor’s visits come with the territory of having school-aged children. For parents with sick kids or family members, their busy schedule and recovery time are often top of mind. This creative ad resonated with the exact target audience, but others can, too!

For instance, your local automotive shop utilizes creative messaging like, “You trust us with your scores, trust us with your cars.” At some point, everyone needs car repairs, and this ad hits home in a straightforward, concise way.

Anyone can buy ad space, but what determines if that ad space is a successful creative outdoor advertisement is when it is something your audience wants to read.

Alternatively, imagine we’re just into the first quarter and your team is up by 2. Across the screen flashes your business name and logo along with the weather forecast for the week, the day’s pollen count, or any number of other, data-related items.

Giving your audience data points that matter to them is a great way to showcase your business, make your ad relatable, and maybe even garner some thanks for pointing out the rain tomorrow.

Make Advertising Fun Again

People like to read what brings them joy and what resonates with them. Consider giving our team of expert marketers the opportunity to guide you and make your marketing fun again.

For getting creative with your outdoor LED or video scoreboard advertisement, look to us, at Scoreboard Media, to help you get your ad to the eyes and minds of your audience.