September 21, 2022

Why Advertise?

Why Advertise?

You’re most likely using some form of advertising for your business, but you could always be doing it better. You could be reaching more potential customers and making more of an impact. Find out why video advertising on local scoreboards builds brand loyalty better than other channels, including radio, television, digital search and billboard advertising. Creative outdoor advertising with Scoreboard Media fosters community goodwill, engages new partnerships, and contributes to a good cause- something the onlooking crowds will be cheering you on for. 

In a post-pandemic world, sports and in-person events have returned with a roar and people are ready to participate in their community’s events. We’re break down the top 5 reasons why digital, local billboard advertising through Scoreboard Sponsorship should be in your marketing budget and the ROI behind the screen.

Brand Loyalty

A service or product purchase is generally the end-goal of advertising, but before that purchase occurs, brand loyalty needs to happen. After all, why should a consumer choose your service or product over the dozens of competing companies offering the same thing?

Seeing commercial after commercial does not inspire brand loyalty, but establishing a connection, and often a personal connection, does. School scoreboards are at the heart of a community and community events. A business’ billboard advertising costs go to fund school and athletic programs locally, and because your business is utilizing digital scoreboard LED advertising where it counts, you can be seen as an integral part of the community. 

Coming out of the last few years, now more than ever, people crave community and feelings of togetherness. By choosing to spend your marketing budget advertising locally with LED and digital scoreboard advertising, your business can capitalize on this basic desire.

Community Goodwill & School Partnership

Much of the funding for athletic programs and school extracurriculars does not come from state or school funds, but instead from local booster clubs and outside assistance. Local schools depend on help from their communities in order for their programs, their events, and ultimately their students to succeed. 

Whether it is parents watching their young athlete’s basketball game with pride, the coach calling the plays on the field, or every community member in the stands looking on with the excitement of school spirit, fans will look to your business’ digital billboard advertisement and feel appreciation. It is this appreciation that fosters brand loyalty, and all through a cost-effective school partnership.

A differentiator with a partnership like this is, unlike traditional advertising, is that onlookers can’t change the channel at a sporting event. In fact, your brand, business, and pitch is something every community attendee watches as it flashes and rotates through the scoreboard. 

Promoting your business while developing a school partnership and fostering goodwill from a community’s perspective has never been easier. Check out some scoreboard and billboard advertising examples that demonstrate how effective community engagement can be.

Sports are Back, Join ‘em on the Field

After a taxing last few years, sports are back and more popular than ever. Forbes suggests this may be due to the fact that while people are returning in-force to the stands, they’re also watching with greater capabilities from home

With schools having to adapt their games to digital platforms and devices, many are continuing to stream their games online, while welcoming fans back in person. 

How is this good news for you?

It means that not only does your digital video advertisement get seen in-person, but will be featured on screens at home as the camera pans to the scoreboard throughout the game. Furthermore, the masses of fans that don’t catch the game (and your ads) the first time around can re-watch later at a time more convenient for them.

Omni-Channel Approach: More than a Buzzword

Marketing leaders know one form of advertising doesn’t necessarily trump another. In fact, the best marketing gurus know it takes an omni-channel approach to convert customers, build brand awareness, and inspire brand loyalty. 

From social media marketing, television ads, and OTT on streaming, the first step in this process is getting your business in front of the people most likely to buy your product. Those people are the ones who live, work, and shop locally, where your business is.

While any of these few channels we’ve listed can promote your message, only local video scoreboard and billboard advertising through Scoreboard Sponsorship can play on in-the-moment engagement, excitement, and garner real-time loyalty from fan interaction. 

After all, what channel can be better than the one your customers are already looking at? Check out the numbers from Nielson, which found “65% of viewers engaged in actions after seeing a digital billboard ad such as searching for an advertiser or visiting their website, visiting the store or restaurant, and visiting or posting to social media.” A similar format to billboards, scoreboards are even more engaging and hold the viewer’s attention for a longer span of time.

Increase Awareness, Hassle-free

Is creating digital scoreboard advertisements not your business specialty? It’s not for many businesses; after all, you're in business at what you do best. At Scoreboard Media, guiding clients through a smooth creative setup, to helping define the results and refine the messaging to drive impressions is what we do best.

Impressions are often what brand awareness is built upon, and for digital scoreboard advertising, it can often be defined as the total number of opportunities for your ad to be seen throughout a school year.

We work with the school’s Athletic Director and coaching staff to determine the home calendars for each sport played using the videoboards, as well as average attendance at each of those sports, and finally how many times each ad type is shown per game.  All of that gives us the total estimated impressions per year, which is often more than 1 million at the lowest sponsorship levels and 2-3 million or more at the higher levels.

That’s a lot of eyes on your brand.

The Ball is in Your Court

You know where your target audience is, and we’ve outlined how digital scoreboard and billboard advertising through Scoreboard Sponsorship can engage brand awareness and inform sales.

Advertising dollars spent on scoreboard ad placement brings your message close to home and closer to the hearts of those in your community. All this while benefiting the local athletes and the school sports and programs they participate in.

Digital scoreboard advertising is the up and coming local marketing channel that could take your brand reputation and your business to the next level. Contact Scoreboard Media today and score a win for yourself, your business, and your community. Scoreboard sponsorship is first-come, first serve, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.