December 27, 2022

Orthopedic Marketing Tactics for 2023: Reach Local Patients with Scoreboard Sponsorship

Orthopedic Marketing Tactics for 2023: Reach Local Patients with Scoreboard Sponsorship

According to the Cureus Journal of Medical Science, the number of orthopedic surgeries fell 22.8% during the first year of the pandemic. This is because most orthopedic surgeries are considered non-essential. However, since the start of the pandemic, orthopedics, like many other industries, have migrated some businesses to telemedicine. 

With the help of a waning pandemic and the increased availability of telehealth options, many orthopedic businesses are seeing a return to normal. Like other medical practices, orthopedic surgeons and medical professionals generally rely on growing their business through trust built with their local communities. 

Because of increased availability of options, including telehealth, as mentioned prior, it is more critical than ever to take note of orthopedic market trends and incorporate local advertising into your marketing budget.

Digital LED scoreboard advertising is one of the best ways healthcare professionals from all fields, but particularly orthopedics, can extend their reach, establish trust, and build a long-term client base in their local communities.

All in a Stride: Expanding Reach

The world has resumed and kids are back in schools, but has your orthopedic business seen an increase in clients? If your answer is no, we know how you can reach more viewers, drive engagement in your business and convert those viewers to clients.

To do this, you need to be where your clients are, and if your advertising in your local community doesn’t include school scoreboard sponsorship or digital scoreboard advertising, it’s very likely you’re a few steps behind the competition.

When your ad is shown to the cheering crowd at a school home game in your local community, it not only gets the word out, but delivers support directly back to the kids, the school, and the community itself. Supporting local youth athletics is great, sure, but this sponsorship is exactly how your business can deepen trust and through that trust, gain new clients in your local area.

In healthcare, you need your patients to think highly of you if you want their business or return business, and there’s nothing people generally care about more than their children. Through digital scoreboard LED advertising, you build brand credibility and trust by supporting the children of the onlooking parents, who also happen to be the decision-makers for their family’s healthcare.

To get your business’ foot in the door, you need your digital advertising to meet your target audience on the ground, and there is no better, more direct, or meaningful way to do that than through local video advertising via scoreboards.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Establishing Trust

Building solid trust is not an easy task, so where do you begin establishing trust in your community?

After helping hundreds of businesses create and deploy thousands of ads on local advertising mediums, like digital and LED scoreboards, we know the answer. People trust what they know, and that includes other people.

If your business is currently operating in the local community, one of the most successful ways to build trust is through testimonials from existing customers. Record a video or get a headshot of your best customer and ask for their permission to use their testimonial in a digital advertisement. This is the perfect content to use on your next Scoreboard ad!

Perhaps, for some reason, you can’t gain the approval of an existing client for a testimonial- that’s ok. Other ways to utilize this same tactic is through gaining the endorsement of a respected figure in the community, like a mayor or principal. With the endorsement of a well-liked, local figurehead, you deepen a connection already strengthened because of its direct support of the school, students, and community. Through Scoreboard Sponsorship, you can partner with a trusted establishment in your town - the local school.

A Personalized Approach

Unlike print media, which generally remains stationary and relies on your intended audience seeing it in whatever place it’s printed, digital LED video advertising via scoreboards provides the unique opportunity for broader brand exposure, as mentioned above, as well as personalization.

Because you know exactly who your viewing audience is, you gain the upper hand in the fact that you can tailor ads to more precise demographics, like athletes, families, and even the students. Not only can digital orthopedic advertising be personalized, it’s actually what people most want to see. Hubspot research found that the majority of consumers prefer to see videos from brands more than any other type of content.

Due to the nature of their format, that is, the ability to display multiple messages at once or over a short span of time, video advertising gives local doctors, surgeons, and orthopedic practices the opportunity to engage a wide variety of customers with multiple messages. Each of those messages can be hand-crafted to target a specific demographic, and all from one place- your medical practice’s digital ad.

Get a Leg Up on This Up and Coming Marketing Tactic

With more than 500 million parents, students, and teachers and other local fans attending high school events each year, local video advertising is your chance to stand tall above the competition with a scoreboard that does just that.

While other advertising options for your orthopedic business may reach some of the local community, digital scoreboard marketing in the heart of your city or town, will reach further. More than this, local advertising through Scoreboard Media connects that larger audience to a message, and business, which fosters community goodwill. 

If your medical or local orthopedic business could benefit from new, local clients, the path is clear: digital scoreboard advertising works, and it does so by extending your reach, amplifying respected voices in the local community, and establishing trust in your product, brand, and name.

Curious what Scoreboard Media can do to drive foot-traffic into your practice? Tread a new path with a toe-tally inspired advertising campaign built just for you. From calculating ROI on digital ads to generating ideas for your first digital scoreboard advertising campaign, our team of business and advertising specialists are here to guide you to, from first step, to last.