February 8, 2023

Reaching Untapped Local Audiences: Scoreboard Advertising Trends for Small Businesses in 2023

Reaching Untapped Local Audiences: Scoreboard Advertising Trends for Small Businesses in 2023

In 2023, we’re on the precipice of a lot of change in our communities. Technology continues to change the way we live our lives and local high schools are turning to digital scoreboards. They’re replacing traditional, manual scoreboards with electronic digital scoreboards to enhance the student and fan experience. These digital scoreboards allow for more flexibility in terms of the types of ads that can be displayed, such as video ads, animated ads and more.

How can you benefit from digital scoreboards as a small business? 

Small businesses across the country are learning the value of scoreboard advertising, and there’s a reason this is one of the top trends for small business in 2023. School scoreboard advertising is a form of advertising where businesses or organizations purchase ad space on the electronic or physical scoreboards at a school's athletic fields or arenas. This type of advertising is seen by large audiences during games and events, and is an effective way for businesses to reach a local audience. The advertisement can be in the form of a banner across the top or bottom of the scoreboard, full-screen video advertising, or to the side of the scoring.

  1. Cost-effective Promotion: Advertising on digital scoreboards can be more cost-effective and yield a higher return of investment than traditional forms of advertising, such as local video advertising on television or print ads.
  2. Increased flexibility: With digital scoreboards, businesses have more options in terms of the types of ads they can display, such as video ads, animated ads and more. This allows businesses to create more engaging and eye-catching ads that can help to increase brand awareness. Furthermore, you have the option to change your ad creative throughout the year according to your business goals.
  3. Accurate targeting: It’s clear that very specific demographics attend high school events. Audiences live nearby the school and within a short radius of your business, and range in age from teens to staff and parents in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.
  4. Multiple ads: Digital scoreboards can display multiple ads - this means that small businesses can share the cost of an ad with other businesses and reduce their cost. You also have the option to display different ad creative at various points in the game. 
  5. Increased ad exposure: Unlike other forms of advertising, like radio or TV, digital scoreboards display your ad hundreds of times throughout an average game, which means that the ad has a higher rate of recall for potential customers.

Get Ahead of the Scoreboard Advertising Curve: 2023 Small Business Trends

App Integration

Some schools are starting to integrate mobile fan apps that allow the community to track games and scores for convenient real-time updates. Some Scoreboard Sponsorship packages through Scoreboard Media include placements in these apps, displaying your brand right at the fingertips of your target audience. These ads are linked directly to your chosen landing page, making it easy for potential customers to convert. Mobile app advertising has been a small business trend for the past few years, and this is the latest way be at your customer’s fingertips.

Increase Online Traffic

A small business can use scoreboard advertising to send traffic to their website by including the website's URL or QR code on the ad, encouraging people to visit the site for more information, to access a deal or special promotion, or to make a purchase. Additionally, they could use a specific and memorable campaign-specific URL that redirects to their website to track the effectiveness of the ad. Another option for creating more buzz online is to include your social media handles so that viewers can connect with you there. Finally, you can encourage the crowd to download your company’s mobile app. 

In this example, you can see that this roofing company utilized a QR code as well as a social media handle with icons to signify that viewers can find out more or follow them on each channel.

Show Your Community Spirit

While in some cases it’s better to keep your message short and sweet with your logo and tagline, going the extra mile to show your school or community spirit can help you make an impact, too. If you have a larger ad placement like a cinema ad, consider adding a line in your messaging like “45 years serving the Whitehall community,” or “we support our Abilene Cowboys!” Plugging into the community spirit can make viewers think even more highly of your brand and spark a deeper connection. 

Crowd Engagement with In-Game Placements

With scoreboard advertising, the possibilities are endless. One option is to sponsor key in-game moments, such as touchdowns or instant replays, that capture the attention of the entire crowd. You can also sponsor a veteran highlight, an interactive crowd quiz, a “make some noise” moment, or player lineup introduction. This can be an effective way to get your brand message in front of a large audience at a crucial moment. Many in-game moments like this utilize the digital scoreboard, where your video ad will play, which can add an extra level of impact when you include animation and motion graphics.

Is Scoreboard Advertising a Winning Strategy for You?

If your business relies on local customers, scoreboard advertising is a sure fit. It offers budget-friendly options, increased visibility and trust for your brand, and high-impact ad placements. Ultimately, scoreboard advertising is ideal for small, local businesses such as realtors, auto repair shops, auto dealerships, and financial institutions, along with healthcare practices such as orthodontists, dentists, and orthopedic doctors

It’s time to take advantage of these small business trends for 2023 before your competitors do. Whether your business is in Abilene, Kansas, Whitehall, Pennsylvania, or elsewhere in the states, we may have the perfect scoreboard advertising placement for you. Ready to take the next step? Contact our team of advertising experts for details.